Comprehensive IT care for efficient management of laboratories on two continents

Company: NeoGenomics

Location: USA

Project duration: 2012 - present

NeoGenomics is a cancer diagnostics company serving oncologists, pathologists, pharmaceutical companies, and academic centers, offering them innovative diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive tests together with software for generating results for patients.


NeoGenomics has been providing its customers with the most advanced laboratory services, including cancer diagnostics, for many years. That is why the company needed a trusted partner who would support it in the dynamic development of IT infrastructure. Since 2012, we have been building with NeoGenomics IT facilities for laboratories in the USA and Switzerland. We create solutions supporting medical diagnostics in the field of oncology and pathology as well as clinical tests for pharmaceutical companies and academic units. NeoGenomics has been focusing on innovation for many years - from the development of personalized LIS and LIMS systems, through communication with laboratory devices, to advanced image diagnostics and diagnostic support using machine learning and other methods of artificial intelligence.

The needs of NeoGenomics resulted in the creation of many solutions that automate and organize lab work.

Solution for NeoGenomics

Key aspects

Over the years of cooperation, we have created web modules, integrating them with existing customer software. We have completely changed the appearance and improved the usability of existing system components, we have also added new elements that automate the generation of reports and notifications, significantly optimizing the work of employees. We have developed modules supporting diagnosis and quick automatic report generation. We have also improved the readability and appearance of reports. As part of our cooperation with NeoGenomics, we have integrated the customer's internal systems using various data exchange protocols. In addition, we modified and streamlined the software development process at NeoGenomics and implemented automatic unit and system integration tests.

Since 2020, we have been adapting the customer's IT infrastructure to conduct 15,000 tests for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus per day.

  • browser access and online test ordering

  • personalized user panel views

  • automated reports

  • data sending and email notifications

  • internal system notifications

  • unification of communication between systems and devices through the HL7 protocol

What has the customer gained?

NeoGenomics employees have access to an efficient, constantly developed, and innovative work environment. Improvements such as a user-friendly interface, optimized integration between internal and external systems, a homogeneous data exchange environment, and automation of reporting processes have enabled our customers to provide services effectively regardless of the situation and location. Thanks to our support, NeoGenomics can manage many laboratories using different systems and devices.

We have gained experience in processing huge amounts of data (high-resolution images) for viewing in a web application and providing a solution shared with many users at the same time.

Some of the technologies we worked with when providing solutions for NeoGenomics:

Devices: Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Systems: BioView, BioDot, Ikonysis, Metasystems, Nof1, FedEx

Types of tests: FISH, flow cytometry, histology, molecular, hematopathology, morphology, cytogenetics

Key benefits for NeoGenomics

The NTP batch we developed allows NeoGenomics employees to enter data and issue a report for 200 patients within 10 minutes, a task that so far would have taken them a whole day.

  • Reducing reporting time from one day to just 10 minutes

  • The integrated environment allows for fast and clear work on data from many different sources

  • Automated report generation and improved templates improve readability and data analysis

Technologies used:

Communication protocols used: