Advanced statistical data analysis and additive manufacturing quality control at ZEISS

Company: Zeiss

Location: Germany

Project duration: 2018 - present

ZEISS is a manufacturer of measuring optics known for the highest quality products. It is a leading enterprise in the optical and optoelectronic industries, employing approximately 13,000 employees, and its history dates back to the mid-nineteenth century.


Being a global leader in the optical industry requires innovation and unconventional thinking. In 2018, ZEISS presented - a cloud platform for advanced image processing. ZEISS needed a partner to develop the platform by adding new analytical functions and image analysis modules. In addition, ZEISS had plans to develop the production of additive prototypes for the automotive industry. From this need arose the necessity to optimize the quality control software for the prototype production process from powder mixtures.

We have accepted the challenges our customer has faced, responding to the expectations and high standards that guided ZEISS for decades.

Solution for ZEISS

Key aspects:

As part of the development of the Apeer platform, we have created two analytical modules for statistical numerical data, a module for tracking of moving biological material in tissues and cells (so-called imaging of live cells), a module that allows counting bacterial colonies on a Petri dish image, and a module that allows analyzing the quality of optical fibers used in microscopic collimators. In the additive manufacturing project, we have completed the research phase on the possibilities of analyzing microscopic images of the material. Image data allows for estimating the quality of the raw material in the form of metal powder. Analysis of photos of the base material for prototypes allows optimization of the further production process in 3D printing technology.

  • statistical data analysis

  • estimating the number of colony-forming units (CFU)

  • quality analysis of optical fibers of microscopic collimators

  • imaging of live cells

  • optimization of image analysis to improve the additive manufacturing process

What has the customer gained?

ZEISS now has an optimized cloud platform, with improved usability and new image analysis modules. Constant work on improving processes related to SLS printing allows the development of the customer's offer in the direction of cooperation with the automotive industry and improving the production of 3D prototypes. Based on previous activities, the customer has decided to continue cooperation on a large machine learning project, which shows confidence in our services.

We have gained experience in the field of data science and image analysis in the medical and automotive industries, in cooperation with a company whose history goes back to the industrial revolution.

Key benefits for ZEISS

  • Extending the functionality of the platform for analyzing microscopic images

  • Enriching the platform with a module for imaging live cells

  • Solving the problem of optimizing the quality of additive manufacturing using image analysis

Technologies used: