Generating clear reports and managing patient data in the Metafer system

Company: MetaSystems | Metafer

Location: Germany

Project duration: 2008 - present

MetaSystems has been providing advanced tools and equipment for automated imaging diagnostics since 1986, improving the work of laboratories running, among others, cytogenetic, genetic, tissue and cell, toxicological, microbiological, or forensic tests.


MetaSystems is a global company that provides laboratories with comprehensive imaging diagnostics solutions based on microscopy. The constant development of laboratories and the growing need for process automation have led to the need for improvements in reporting, data visualization, and processing of patient information. Therefore, MetaSystems decided to modify the Metafer system, which is used for the automatic scanning of slides with laboratory specimens.

Metafer is a software implemented in over 1500 laboratories around the world.

Solution for MetaSystems: Metafer

Key aspects of Metafer changes:

To improve the work of users of the Metafer system and increase the possibilities of operating on data, we have introduced a number of new functionalities. The interface has been enriched with the function of collecting and processing patient data, as well as the import and export of this data, enabling integration with other systems used by MetaSystems customers. Also, an advanced report generation module was created with an option to define personalized templates. The slide analysis was enriched with interactive charts illustrating the distribution of features of individual cells.

The application is constantly maintained by a team of programmers who ensure its smooth operation.

  • better visualization of statistical data

  • new functionalities in the reporting module

  • patient data module

  • integration with external systems thanks to data import/export functions

What has the customer gained?

A number of new functionalities have improved the processes of analysis, reporting and data exchange between systems in laboratories, significantly increasing the attractiveness of the Metafer product. MetaSystems customers have gained the possibility of simpler than ever data interpretation, which resulted in time-saving. In addition, Metafer enables data export and import, thanks to which it can communicate with LIS systems used by MetaSystems customers.

We have gained experience in building transparent and legible data visualizations, as well as integrating the solution with other systems used in laboratories.

Key benefits for MetaSystems

  • The ability to generate reports facilitates work and minimizes the risk of errors in delivered results

  • Export and import of data in a standardized format enables communication with other systems

  • The possibility of better data visualization streamlines the process of its interpretation

Technologies used: