We are developing our skills at pace with the evolution of new technologies and the constantly growing needs of our customers.

We are guided by openness and transparency, focusing on the quality of services and reliable cooperation. We know that the problems faced by our customers are often complex. That is why we employ analysts, biotechnologists, and IT specialists, providing comprehensive advice. All this is based on ISO 13485 and agile methodologies.

  1. We talk about your needs.
  2. We agree on terms of cooperation.
  3. We select the right technology and create mockups.
  1. We develop in iterations, each time approving the next stages of the project with you.
  2. We verify project assumptions on an ongoing basis.
  3. We present a software demo.
  4. We introduce necessary changes and correct errors.
  1. We implement software.
  2. We keep the system in a state of maximum performance by adapting to changing conditions in your company and introducing necessary updates.

We program in many languages but feel most confident in ASP.NET, Delphi, and Python. We create software for Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux. Regardless of whether our task is to create desktop, web, mobile, or database applications, we implement it successfully - we have specialists with experience in each of these areas.


Quality is the foundation of all our activities. The fact that each of our employees follows appropriate standards guarantees professional customer service and a high level of provided services.

With our customers in mind, we implemented in 2017 the quality management system for medical devices ISO 13485.

Our software meets the stringent requirements of ISO 14971 regarding risk management and IEC 62304, regulating the life cycle of medical software and software used in medical devices.


The idea of the creation of Micro Solutions was born from the growing demand for highly specialized IT services in the medical and laboratory industries. We have been systematically implementing new and increasingly complex projects since 2008, and the team of our programming and biotechnology experts is constantly growing.

Thanks to the unique company structure, and strong and diverse team competencies, we can solve complicated IT problems in the field of genetics, cytology, oncology, and hematology. We make sure that the solutions we create fully meet the customer's needs while maintaining the highest quality, as evidenced by the ISO 13485, IEC 62304, and EU MDD 93/42/ECC certifications.

We refer to ourselves as the "problem solvers". Our customers' challenges inspire us and drive us to action. We want to help you too. Meet our team or ask for the project valuation using the form below.